Diet Pill Anyone?

Many of us want to lose weight. We may have different purpose or reason in losing weight but we all do the same thing: diet. Diet can be defined as an advised set of food that we need to take (or not take) in order to lose weight. We have heard every possible type of diet, either online or through friends. Trying each and every diet plans available but sometimes, most of these doesn’t work. There are just some diet plans that may work for a person but not for the others. It is just unfortunate that some may not be able to find a diet that will work for them so they ended up getting sweaty inside gyms to shed off the excess fats and weight. The main problem is that diet and exercise work together to achieve weight loss. Working out without proper diet will not bring you anywhere or if it has result, it may be very minimal that we will find ourselves giving up on losing weight. That’s why some are desperate enough to try diet pills.

Diet pills come in capsules that contain fat-burning components for the body. These diet pills started to be bought with doctor’s prescription. Usually, diet pills are being advised to be taken by people who are obese with other medical conditions that require them to lose weight. Aside from this, there are also some people with medical problems that may counteract with diet pills. Further doctor’s exploration of the medical history of the patient is needed.

But today, there are some diet pills which are already available OTC or over the counter. So aside from the people who really need diet pills, there are others who are already taking these pills without prescription just for the sake of losing weight.

After trying these diet pills, people who bought these were shocked with the side effects that they encountered. With a doctor’s appointment, the patient will know what the side effects are of the pills and they can do something about it. These side effects include palpitations or rapid heart rate, hypertension, hallucinations, chest pains, severe allergic reactions, and gastrointestinal disturbance.

The gastrointestinal disturbance is may be the most popular side effects of some if not most of the diet pills in the market. You will feel stomach pains and rumbling, but worst of all, faecal incontinence. Some of the user of these pills has noted the feeling of “if they need to go, they REALLY need to go.” Most cannot control this and sometimes, the rumbling will wake them up early in the morning and will find their beddings stained already. According to the manufacturers of these diet pills, it is an effect when they have eaten fatty foods while taking in the pill since the fats are burned and it will be released by the digestive system.

See? Even in taking in diet pills, you still need to have control over your diet or food intake. So if you are just an ordinary individual with no medical conditions that require taking diet pills, just stay with the traditional way of losing weight: diet plus exercise and be patient in waiting for the result.

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